Embrace Success with EleV

Want to attend post-secondary, but not sure if you can afford to get started?

Vancouver Island University is offering scholarships for Indigenous youth aged 18-35 through EleV. 




EleV is a new, collaborative learning partnership with Indigenous communities and funded by the Mastercard Foundation. EleV aims to better support Indigenous learners in their post-secondary educational journeys and beyond by:

  • providing scholarships,
  • removing barriers,
  • and providing wrap-around support services.
For more information please contact the VIU Indigenous Education Navigators.

Indigenous Education Navigators


Indigenous Education Navigators are here to support and walk with you throughout your post-secondary journey, helping you access the supports you need to start or continue with your VIU education. 


The Navigators with Nations to:

  • identify areas of need and barriers, 
  • build relationships, 
  • connect with students before they enter post-secondary.

The end goal of this work is to motivate an organic process where Indigenous students no longer need to learn how to navigate the system, but rather, the system will begin to offer supports to fit the students. 


Robert Mahikwa
Nanaimo Campus, Building 170
Phone: 250.753.3245, Ext. 2211
Cell: 250.618.1575
Email: Robert.Mahikwa@viu.ca

Naomi Bailey
Nanaimo Campus, Building 170
Phone: 250.753.3245, Ext. 2211
Cell: TBD
Email: Naomi.Bailey@viu.ca

Sherry Mattice
Nanaimo Campus, Building 180, Room 423
Phone: 250.740.6190
Email: Sherry.Mattice@viu.ca

Tasha Brooks
Cowichan Campus, Room 184
Phone: 250.746.3523, local 3523
Cell: 250.618.3225
Email: Tasha.Brooks@viu.ca

The Scholarship

Full tuition, books and a living allowance are available for Indigenous youth 35 and under who want to access programs at VIU. Each scholarship applicant is considered in collaboration with the student's respective Indigenous community and amounts distributed are based on the community's post-secondary policy. 

VIU offers many pathways to successful careers:

  • Bachelor degree programs,
  • Trades certificates, 
  • Certificates in vocational fields.

Don't miss your opportunity to access education under EleV!

EleV recognizes that simply providing a scholarship is not enough - the program also includes supports to help you navigate the university and transition into the workforce afterwards.

Indigenous Employment Navigator

To help you transition to the workforce once your education is complete, Employment Navigators:

  • help with the job search process,
  • develop core employability skills,
  • provide career counselling.
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